Matech is seeking to fill the following positions:


All applicants are subject to a drug screen and background check. Any applicants with a criminal background will not be considered.


Fin Cell Technician:


All interested candidates need to be able to stand for long periods of time. Mechanical skills are preferred. Experience working with machines is preferred. This job requires attention to detail and is fast-paced. Shift times are from 4 pm-4 am or from 4 am-4 pm Monday-Thursday with probable work necessary on Fridays.

Minimum Qualifications      

·   Strong mechanical skills/abilities

·                                                            Ability to change tools on any machine assigned to operate

·                                                            Ability to perform necessary adjustments to any machine

·   Ability to evaluate problems and provide immediate corrections to prevent machine down time

·   Ability to train Associates to process parts produced in the Fin Cell

·   Ability to empower operators to provide solutions when possible and contribute to continuous improvement process.

·   Ability to schedule, coordinate activities and respond quickly to changes

·   Ability to lead


General work duties and responsibilities

·         Perform all assigned adjustments and tool changes to maintain process within quality parameters

·         Communicate with Process Engineer to ensure all equipment/programming issues are identified and corrected as soon as possible

·         Communicate with Maintenance Department any/all issues on an as needed basis

·         At end of shift, communicate via email all relevant information pertaining to shift

·         Ensure all equipment is calibrated within defined timeframe

·         Perform periodic audits of quality

·         Ensure all operators are aware of any/all quality issues identified during production; maintain awareness of quality alerts for all operators

·         Operate machines that are left unattended.

·         Know where to find work instructions, and quality procedures and maintain a strong working knowledge of all documents related to the Fin Cell.

·         Ensure that all paperwork related to the Fin Cell is filled out correctly, and the information put into the GSS system is accurate and current.

·         Know the maintenance call in procedure. This entails the submission of a maintenance ticket and when and who to call. Need to be able to give accurate information so maintenance can create a plan for repair.

·         Maintain strong working knowledge of all documentation requirements of the Department; to include all requirements generated by Corrective Action responses to the customer and ensure all assigned operators are properly trained

·         Perform Safety Inspections of assigned areas and notify the appropriate personnel (manager, maintenance, etc.) of any improvements needed.

·         Ensure the appropriate safety measures are taken at all times for self & assigned operators to minimize injuries and/or accidents, report any malfunction of the existing equipment and/or tools used to perform the tasks involved in your job functions to your  Manager and/or Supervisor

·         When performing any task that requires physical strength stay within your physical limitations to prevent possible injuries and/or accidents.  One of the main responsibilities as an associate at MaTech is being in compliance with safety regulations at all times

·             Perform all other duties as assigned by the department supervisor or manager


CNC Operator:

All interested candidates need to be able to stand for long periods of time. Mechanical skills are preferred. Experience working with machines and precision measuring tools, such as calipers and micrometers is preferred. Matech is primarily seeking to fill night shift positions. The night shift schedule is Monday-Thursday from 4 pm-2:30 am, but this is subject to change.

Minimum Qualifications                                                      

·            Ability to train others on:

·         Use of measurement and testing tools

·         Basic blueprint reading

·         Proper material identification

·         Quality process

·         Use and care of measurement tools

·            Ability to complete high complexity tasks involving the following:

·         Identification of  tools, tool purpose and tool material composition

·         Identification of adequate part handling methods

·         Performance of  basic preventive maintenance

·         Knowledge of general CNC machining concepts and tool pre-setter

·            Ability to complete low complexity tasks involving the following:

·         Blueprint reading/GD & T

·         CMM concepts and report reading

·         Process auditing

·         Troubleshooting

·         Machine Controls

·         Tool adjustments

·         Tool changes

·                                 Exposure to preparation/masking principles

General work duties and responsibilities

·         Load /unload parts and deburr parts as demonstrated by On-the-Job Trainer while maintaining required efficiency and quality utilizing

·         Refer to Work Instruction for Specific Operator Duties WI-300-04

·         Complete Log in/out transactions in GSS and all required paperwork accurately

·         Assess Work Center on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis according to instructions located on each work center

·         Must operate more than 1 machine whenever required

·         Must change redundant tools when the specified time is achieved and immediately perform quality check on following parts coming from the new tools

·         Perform on-the-job training for new operators and perform evaluation of skills

·         Willing to receive and provide cross training for other tasks related the department functions

·         Be knowledgeable of all QMS procedures and work instructions that apply to this job and ensure that they are implemented or revised as necessary

·         Adhere to all MaTech Policies and Procedures

·         Take the appropriate safety measures at all times to minimize risk of injuries and/or accidents; report any malfunction of the existing equipment and/or tools used to perform the tasks involved in job functions to Director, Manager and/or Supervisor

·         Perform other job-related duties as required by management


Process Engineer:


Matech is seeking qualified process engineers to work full-time Monday-Friday from 8 am-4:30 pm. Requirements are as follows:


·         B.S. Degree in Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or other Engineering related field education or extensive experience in the field.

·         Excellent oral/written communication, interpersonal and presentation skills.

·         Analytical and problem solving ability in dealing with issues involving careful interpretation and diagnosis.

·         Ability to identify relevant information to develop solutions.

·         Ability to produce CNC machining programs using both Mastercam and/or Esprit, and using manual programming techniques.

·         Experience with SolidWorks, Esprit, and Vericut preferred and desirable.

·         Must be able to program multi-axis CNC lathes and 4 axis Horizontal CNC’s.

·         Must have excellent knowledge of and application of GD&T.

·         Must have the ability to perform calculations related to machining.

·         Must have experience with and knowledge of secondary processes such as heat treating, welding, plating, etc.

·         Must be able to train Set Up Engineers on the CNC programs provided to them.

·         Ability to utilize manufacturing streamlining techniques such as Lean, 5S, Six Sigma, Kaizen, TOC, JIT, etc to improve processes throughout the company.

·         Technical writing skill applicable for analysis and resolutions of technically oriented problems and issues encountered.

·         Ability to adapt to a working environment where programs, setups and tooling are constantly changing.

·         Knowledge of Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) and Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) devices. 

·         Ability to train other individuals on Manufacturing Streamlining Techniques as well as process improvements to ensure effective implementation of changes.

·         Possess highly developed interpersonal skills to effectively understand and lead others.

·         Ability to perform mathematical problem solving (SPC, linear optimization, statistic modeling, etc.)

·         Understanding of MRP or ERP systems as well as other software programs pertinent to the position.

·         Understanding of metrics related to process control such as scrap rates, rejection rates, machine efficiency, etc


Quality Inspector:


Matech is seeking qualified candidates who are willing to work the night shift (Monday-Thursday, 4 pm-2:30 am). Experience working in a manufacturing environment is preferred. The following are minimum qualifications:

·         Ability to read and understand mechanical blueprints

·         Ability to pass internal Test on Measurement Equipment

·         Proficiency with a PC and related software

·         Reading and comprehension skills

·         Oral and Written Communication skills

·         Math and Arithmetic skills

·         Ability to lift and carry objects weighing up to 35 lbs

·         High School Diploma or GED

·         Ability to work under pressure and deal with time critical situations.

·         Ability to read and understand blue prints including ASME Y14.5 (Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance).

·         Ability to use standard measuring and test equipment.

·         Knowledge of machining processes and operations.

General work duties and responsibilities

·         All employees shall be familiar with and understand the tenets of Matech’s Quality Policy which emphasizes a commitment to customer satisfaction and industry excellence through continuous improvement efforts.

·         Complete Setup Inspections per company procedures/work instructions.

·         Assist in First Article Inspections in accordance with procedures/work instructions as well as customer requirements.

·         Operate the CNC CMM and/or Manual CMM in order to perform required inspections.

·         Perform in-process inspection based on lot samples taken from the production floor (CMM Inspection, Manual Inspection & Visual Inspection) in accordance with written and verbal instructions given by the supervisor.

·         Perform Receiving Inspection based on Lot samples following the Receiving Inspection Instructions and/or Blueprint specifications.

·         Input information into the ERP system and complete all required paperwork/electronic logs accurately.

·         Disposition non-conforming parts based on company procedures.

  • Perform other related duties as directed by the immediate supervisor
  • Be knowledgeable of all applicable QMS Procedures and Work Instructions and ensure that they are followed