Matech's technical team consists of highly-skilled, creative, experienced, and well-educated employees, some of whom have been with Matech since its inception in 1988.  Add to that a wide array of degreed engineers who ensure we have the most robust processes available.  These committed individuals strive for excellence in not only customer satisfaction and production of quality products, but are driven by a strong desire for continuous improvement in all processes.
The majority of Matech’s team of employees work in Manufacturing. These valued individuals are the lifeblood of our company and share the common goal of striving for excellence in customer satisfaction. Our manufacturing team is composed of experienced employees who have on average been with us for five or more years. These dedicated individuals have completed multiple training sessions in order to gain the expertise needed to accomplish all manufacturing-related tasks. In addition to completion of training, many CNC Operators and Technicians have participated in college-courses that offer additional knowledge in the field of Manufacturing. Their desire for personal advancement enables Matech to function as a high-level company with the capability of successfully competing in the military marketplace.
At Matech, quality is a key driver toward customer satisfaction.  In order to provide that satisfaction Quality is put into your product from the time of the order until it ships.  At the receipt of an order, our Quality Engineer defines inspection plans.  Those plans are executed at each step including receiving inspection of materials and sub-contracted processes, in-process inspection of our manufacturing, assembly inspection, and packaging inspection.  Our in-process inspection practices include our automated inspection equipment which feeds SPC software where we track trends happening in our processes in real time.  Matech calibrates and tracks all of our inspection equipment to ensure we are making accurate measurements.  Quality keeps detailed records in order to provide you with the required certifications at the time of shipment. We also comply with and are certified by ISO-9001:2008 standards which serves as an additional tool for providing excellence in all things to our customers. Our Quality department is yet another integral component that contributes to Matech’s success as an industry leader.