Matech's facility is located in Salisbury, Maryland, close to the major metropolitan areas of Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Baltimore.

MaTech’s mission is to be a high-quality leader and innovator in the design and supply of Military Weapons, Munitions, and Electronic Warfare Sub-systems

  • In 2013 we celebrated our 25th year of being in business.
  • Matech embraces the ideas of agile manufacturing--we believe the early detection and resolution of problems is key.
  • Today our customers are the U.S. Government as well as other prime contractors to the U.S. Government, Foreign Governments, and commercial manufacturers.

Adhering to the strict requirements of the U.S. Goverment is just part of what we do. We offer precision machining, fabrication, contract manufacturing, engineering services, complex assemblies, and more. State-of-the-art equipment and automation allows us to serve our customers and provide a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Matech (Machining Technologies, Inc.) was founded in 1988 to supply precision machined parts to the defense industry. Operations began with a staff of four and one CNC machine in a 10,000 square foot building on Homer Street in Salisbury, Maryland, on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

Our customers include US and international defense agencies, commercial telecommunication companies, agricultural conglomerates, gun makers, pharmaceutical companies, experimental flying machine inventors, and many others. Thanks to our Customers, we have grown from a small operation to a large modern facility filled with the fabrication tools that we enjoy using to create products for the future. We welcome your ideas and look forward to solving problems, capturing opportunities and doing business together.